Manage your recruitment processes and reach out to your candidate base

Manage is the engine room. As an ATS featuring a CRM, Manage can be used to manage all of your organisation’s recruitment activity, for any number of users, brands, career sites and countries.
But it doesn’t stop there. Manage is fluid and user-friendly. It adapts to you, the user, whether you’re a recruitment consultant or operations manager.

Bulk import your applications

Bulk import your CVs directly to a vacancy listing or into your talent pool. Your CVs will be reviewed and all data will be categorised for immediate use with no need for manual input. Do you have hard-copy CVs? Scan and import them in bulk or use our mobile CV digitisation app.

Design tailored candidate profiles

Personalise a candidate’s profile according to the entity, the nature of the position and the job pool. Select the information required to apply, configure your selection questionnaire and offer the right interview format (in-person, live video and deferred).

Multiply the locations, not your vacancies!

Do you have multiple identical vacancies at different addresses? Simply add multiple locations to a single vacancy. By only having to post one vacancy and with easier application management, you’ll save a lot of time into the bargain.

Multicast your vacancies and grow your audience

Post your vacancies with one click on Indeed, Apec and Pôle Emploi, as well as on over 3,500 recruitment sites in France and internationally through our multicasting partners.

360° sourcing, don't miss a single candidate!

Take advantage of a 360° audience for your listings: co-option, social media, QR Codes, multicasting and many more. You can share on a number of channels using the same tool and can get listings available natively on all formats in just a few clicks.

Automate your emails and save time

Send automated mass personalised emails and texts to your candidates and set up your trigger points to save even more time! Reach out to your talent pool in real time by sending automated communication to all candidates with no manual processing. And you’re all set.

Build a talent pool that is easily enabled

Finding candidates has never been easier

Over 20 filters – some fully personalisable, advanced Boolean searches over three chosen search parameters, the search engine was designed for maximum performance.
And that’s not all. Save your filter combinations and apply them whenever you want.

Looking for a candidate in a specific location?

Looking for candidates in a specific location? Apply the geolocation filters and choose from the available profiles. Then just mass select the chosen candidates and send them a personalised email or text to notify them of a new opportunity.

Apply detailed scoring to your candidates

Looking for the best candidates for a position? Use our integrated assessment tools (e.g. Assesfirst, Cubiks, Caps, EasyRecrue, VisioTalent etc.), launch campaigns and view the results directly on DigitalRecruiters. But it doesn’t stop there. Use integrated questionnaires, score the results and find them quickly! And that’s not all. Discover artificial intelligence-based solutions for matching candidates to vacancies.

To do. It's all in the title

Tracking dozens of applications at any one time isn’t easy. With the to-do list, create as many tasks as you want, and receive reminders for overdue and ongoing tasks for each recruitment process.

Search within your talent pool first

Do you have a vacancy to fill? Post the vacancy on your careers site and find out which candidates already in your talent pool have what you’re looking for, all in just a few seconds. Guaranteed to save time and money.

All the tools to assist decision-making

Everything you ever wanted to know...

Recruitment in progress, latest applications received, tasks to complete, pending manager requests, career website traffic and much more, the dashboard gives you a complete overview of your recruitment activity.

All your listings and applications at your fingertips

Need to quickly track the progress of your recruitment processes so you can prioritise your actions? Use the summary dashboard listing all the vacancies you are working on, and how many applicants are at each stage of each process. Simple, easy to read, effective,

Candidate profile in summary mode

Displaying applications in summary mode allows you to access the main information with needing to open the candidate profile: feedback history, source, details of previous applications, education, current position and much more! Available for each listing and in the talent pool, this standardised display is both effective and easy on the eye. Or the opposite.

Find the right interview slot in seconds

Check your diary and those of your colleagues using DigitalRecruiters and synchronise your joint availability to arrange a meeting. Arrange interviews in just a few clicks without switching tabs.

Schedule your days, hassle-free

Are you juggling interviews, candidate reminders and application follow-ups? Use your to-do list to prioritise your actions and don’t forget a single one.

View your activity history

Do you want to know if a document was sent to a candidate or if/when your colleague contacted them? It couldn’t be easier, the complete activity history is available on the candidate profile, in reverse chronological order.

Select the best candidates

Scoring, scorecard, stars, tags, tests, interviews, etc. depend on all the available decision-making tools to compare and choose the best candidate for the post you are recruiting for.

Speed up the recruitment process by contacting managers with one click

Are you working with managers in collaborative mode? Contact all individuals involved in a recruitment process, share your feedback, video interviews and tests with them (optional), and speed up the decision-making process! Key benefits of this feature: no need for a DigitalRecruiters account and fully mobile-compatible. Not bad, eh?

Get an overview of recruitment activity

Details of live vacancies, number of applications being processed, number of listings by entity and BU, contract types by BU, etc., this table offers all the widgets necessary to manage the finer details of your company’s recruitment activity.

Optimise your investment

Finding out the source of applications received (by area, BU, date, etc.) is great on its own. But finding out the origin of candidates who have been recruited is even better. With this widget, identify the best sources and optimise your media expenses.

Manage your team

Details of actions taken by team members, number of interviews completed, offers sent, etc., get all the information you need to manage your team without the need to fill in activity statements.

Recruitment time, start to finish, is...

With the recruitment time widget, find out how long recruitment takes for each step and across the whole process. And as always, you can filter by sector, entity, region, date, etc. That way, you have all the information you need to act decisively and shorten the recruitment cycle. This is sure to please the business areas that are looking to recruit.

Get key reports, without having to export or reprocess

With one click, access your main KPI: the number of recruitment processes. You can analyse the breakdown of your recruits by contract type, region, dates or by male/female. Ideal for staying up to speed with your figures and easy communication. As well as that, the widgets look good. Take advantage of this and copy and paste them into your reports to save time.

Keep your business secure with the GDPR module

Define the period for holding applications, gather consents automatically or manually, reissue requests in bulk at the end of the holding period, anonymise all expired applications automatically and much more!

More functionalities

Detailed vacancy management

  • Configurable duration of publication of vacancies
  • Automated consent management fully enabled
  • End user rights

An enhanced and easily enabled talent pool

  • Unlimited saved talent pools
  • Integrated CV scan to assess each candidate
  • Unlimited addition of personalised tags and fields

Save time in your everyday tasks

  • Bulk actions (rejections, confirmations, emails, texts, etc.)
  • Listings templates publishable in three clicks
  • Automatic QR Code publication for recruitment on the website
-50% Recruitment time on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
Administration time cut by 2/3 on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
9 seconds is all it takes! to post a listing with DigitalRecruiters

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