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Digitise your paper CVs received at events or points of sale

Collect is a mobile application that allows users to digitise paper CVs and screen candidates in real time, then retrieve them instantly in Manage for management.
School careers fairs, points of sale, recruitment fairs… there are plenty of occasions when converting paper CVs is a must!

Save time and no longer miss out on valuable, motivated candidates!

Digitise your paper CVs. At last!

Do you attend school careers fairs? Do your candidates drop off paper CVs at your office, shop or restaurant? Digitise paper CVs with Collect, the mobile application on tablet and mobile that lets you scan a CV, screen it and add it automatically to DigitalRecruiters.  No more manual lists, lost data or GDPR headaches.

Even offline

Collect was designed to operate in all environments, online and offline. And once your mobile or tablet has network coverage, data are automatically forwarded to DigitalRecruiters, with no manual input. Magic.

Screen candidates in real time on-site

Don’t waste time. Screen candidates instantly, by asking questions chosen from those created in DigitalRecruiters. The application will then be operable and can be sifted using DigitalRecruiters, like any other application.

Don't lose another CV and boost your chances of quick (and successful) recruitment

When a CV is added, the system matches data recorded with available vacancies and automatically suggests allocating an application to these vacancies. That way, you place each applicant with one or more vacancies that suit their profile. No more lost CVs and forgotten candidates!

Create a candidate file in just a few taps

Once the photo of the CV is taken with your mobile or tablet, it is analysed (or “parsed”). All data are then categorised to be identifiable using a search engine. No need for manual input. The candidate file is created instantly and made available in DigitalRecruiters and ready for use in response to a listing or in the talent pool of your choice. And that’s it.

Grant secure staff access

Does your company have SSO (Single Sign-on) to secure access to business unit applications and simplify the login/password for each staff member? Collect is compatible and access to it can be enabled by your SSO. Security is (very) important.

5 seconds is all it takes! to scan any CV and add it to a job listing
compatible with 100% Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

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