Digitise recruitment authorisation requests at your company and define the processes for approval at each of your entities. Your HR…

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Digitise the secure procedure for opening a position

Available on desktop, tablet or mobile, Check digitises the procedure for recruitment permit requests. Securing new positions, reducing approval times, saving time for managers, Check is a real partner for your business.

Help your managers save time

Do your managers need to recruit? With Check, they get online pre-completed recruitment request forms to save them time.

Adapt your applications to the department or position in question

Create as many request templates as you wish, and as many approval procedures as you need. Do those giving approvals have comments or suggestions? They can amend the request (assuming they have the rights), and/or add comments. It’s easy and visual and the document history is stored and available to view. Does the request meet our needs? All that’s left to do is to get approval.

Convert a recruitment request into a listing with one click!

Is your recruitment request approved? Simply click to publish it on your career site. Just one click. Saving time is great.

Manage your recruitment requests hassle-free

Track the approval process in real time

Receive notifications to track progress of ongoing recruitment requests. You can configure notifications yourself based on the stages relevant to you: no more need for email follow-ups, plus you have full visibility over all recruitment requests in real time.

Manage your requests at a glance

From the dynamic dashboard provided by Check, you get an overview of all ongoing recruitment requests and its stage in processing. Nothing could be easier 🙂

Archive your requests and view them when you want

Need to find a specific recruitment authorisation request? You can view all requests made in detail, including information, comments on approvals, reasons for refusals, etc. and generate accurate statistical reports on approved and archived requests so that past actions remain fully visible.

Quick approvals for shorter recruitment time (no. 1 business issue)

Are your managers or those approving requests on the go? Whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, they can access recruitment requests (without even needing to sign in), add comments, amend content and of course validate their step. Two aims: making life easier and saving time!

Define the rights of your users

Customise user rights and monitor rights to generate requests and approve stages in your processes.

Natively integrated in DigitalRecuiters

Check is a module on the DigitalRecruiters platform. It is therefore fully integrated. This means that ad templates, toolkits and users are shared. You’ll save time and make your recruitment activity secure (no duplicate entries, no risk of errors).

9 seconds is all it takes! on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
50% Recruitment time cut on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters

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