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Permits, schedules... identify candidates who meet your criteria

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Need specific information? No problem!

Are you looking for candidates who hold a specific permit or certification? Are you losing a lot of time going through unsuitable applications?

Formulate and ask the important questions to your candidates at the application stage, then sift candidates based on your essential criteria (e.g. permit, mobility, working hours, specific certifications, etc.).

That way, you can focus on target candidates and save precious time. What about candidates who aren’t a match? Simply click on their profile and send them a rejection message. Fast and easy. And good for your brand as an employer.

Set out your requirements at the application stage

Do you offer positions with flexible shifts at hard-to-reach locations? Do you have trouble determining candidates’ level of mobility?

Ask candidates when they apply if they meet your essential criteria and sift accordingly.

That way, you save time by only meeting candidates that can get to your sites at the right times

Make faster appointments and reduce stress

Are your recruitment times too long? Are they a source of stress for your business?

Optimise every stage of the recruitment process, from the mobile-enabled electronic recruitment authorisation request to collaborative candidate assessment that allows you to involve managers easily, not to mention the facility to multicast your vacancies.

Measure the length of each stage using the available statistics and take the right actions to shorten recruitment cycles and bring in staff more quickly to boost your business.

Main functionalities

Save time on each recruitment process

  • Bulk import CVs
  • Multicast your ads
  • Electronic follow-up on recruitment processes
  • Send mass emails and texts automatically

Showcase your employer branding

  • Career site that can be administered independently in your own design
  • Set up core pages with our easy-to-use builder
  • Give context for your listings (word from the recruiter, videos, team photos, access, etc.)
  • Give context for your listings (word from the recruiter, videos, team photos, access, etc.)

Receive more applications for those hard-to-fill positions

  • Customisable forms and questionnaires
  • All you need to profile your talent pool (tags, customisable fields, scoring, talent pool, etc.)
  • Apply with one click
  • Customise candidate profiles for each recruitment process
Administration time cut by 2/3 on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
50% Recruitment time cut on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
35,000+ recruiters use DigitalRecruiters every day across the world

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