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Stay GDPR-compliant

Is GDPR compliance a major challenge? As a public sector organisation, are you held to impeccable standards?

With DigitalRecruiters’ integrated GDPR management module, you can manage the finer aspects of holding personal data, collecting – and if necessary, renewing candidates’ consent, anonymising data at the end of the holding period, and much more.

And of course, all personal data are hosted in Europe.

That way, you have peace of mind that your recruitment activity is compliant with applicable law.

Present your brand as an attractive place to work and receive more applications

Are you a public sector body? Do you struggle to attract candidates?

Make the most of your content and publish an impactful career site in no time, offering a unique application experience and featuring manager messages, staff testimonials, photos of the offices, team introduction videos and estimated commute times. Showcase your brand as an employer, impress and attract the candidates with something to offer your organisation.

Impress candidates on a grand scale

Are you having difficulty recruiting locally for assignments and positions in your departments?

With DigitalRecruiters, you can promote your organisation, department, local authority or ministry by highlighting your strengths on an attractive career site, including manager messages, team and office introductions, and staff testimonials. Show people what you do and attract candidates at all levels of experience, even those with no prior interest in the public sector.

Main functionalities

Improved collaboration

  • Electronic recruitment authorisation request module
  • Customisable recruitment process
  • Comprehensive and precise rights management
  • Collaborative module
  • Amendable tree diagram for your departments

Attract and screen more candidates

  • QR Code publication for recruitment on the website
  • Mobile application to digitise paper CVs
  • Bulk import CVs
  • Multicast your ads

Save time and sift candidates more effectively

  • Customisable forms and questionnaires
  • Process bulk applications
  • Send mass emails and texts automatically
  • Advanced search and dynamic filters
  • Task monitoring and reminders
35,000+ recruiters use DigitalRecruiters every day across the world
50% Recruitment time cut on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
Administration time cut by 2/3 on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters

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