Multi-site businesses

If your organisation has multiple businesses, give the impression you only have one.

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Involve operations staff and speed up the recruitment process

Are your business entities (e.g. subsidiaries, franchises, branches, shops, plants, etc.) recruiting independently but without a dedicated HR team?

With DigitalRecruiters, you can offer your operations managers an easy-to-use recruitment solution, available on desktop and mobile for improved accessibility.

This way your managers can recruit the talent they need to achieve their goals, faster and with as much independence as they need (monitored if necessary).

Work together: share applications within your network

Are some entities within your multi-site organisation having trouble recruiting, while others are swamped with applications?

Pool your applications and give other entities the chance to recruit quickly.

Involve managers in the process

Would managers at your multi-site organisation like to have progress updates on ongoing recruitment processes relevant to them, but have difficulty getting hold of this vital information?

Offer all your site managers access to DigitalRecruiters, at no extra cost, and let them view ongoing recruitment processes in their field and, if necessary, interact with HR teams or directly with candidates on a selection pre-screened by HR.

Adapt processes by job, region, country, etc.

Does your business have a number of entities based in one or more countries? Do you need to formulate different recruitment processes?

Tailor each recruitment process by entity and occupation/business area (e.g. recruitment authorisation requests, listing templates, recruitment stages, user rights, etc.) using the one solution, for any number of entities, languages or locations.

35,000+ recruiters use DigitalRecruiters every day across the world
90% choose us for multi-site solutions and all functionalities that we developed specially
Administration time cut by 2/3 on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters

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