Recruitment is not your area. Yet it's so important to your business.

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Reduce the time you spend on recruitment

Do you need to add new staff to your team but are already busy with projects, while recruitment takes up so much time and adds extra stress?

Spend less time on recruitment with the help of a tool designed for managers. User-friendly and enabled for desktop and mobile, DigitalRecruiters saves you a lot of time and allows you to recruit the staff team you need to meet your goals quicker.

Keep an eye on ongoing recruitment activity

Are you often out of the loop when it comes to ongoing recruitment? Do you have difficulty organising your team as a result?

No more need to go to HR! Go straight to DigitalRecruiters and keep an eye on recruitment activity for your business area. It’s that easy.

Use recruitment tools designed for you

Is your existing recruitment tool unusable (cumbersome, slow, not available on mobile, etc.)?

Move up to a tool that’s as easy to use as any e-commerce site and is designed to save you time and help you recruit staff faster. Less time spent on recruitment means more time for core business!

Recruit staff, even when on the go

Do you need to recruit a member of staff quickly, only you are busy and always on the go with not a moment to spare?

Use our tools on your mobile and when you get a spare second you can take care of your recruitment activity, even when you’re always on the go. Your recruitment activity will be faster and you’ll be able to reach your goals.

Main fucntionalities

Attract the best talent

  • Apply with one click
  • Mobile application for recruitment at fairs and events
  • Give context for your listings (word from the recruiter, videos, team photos, access, etc.)
  • Multicast your ads

Work together and speed up the recruitment process

  • Electronic employment permit application module
  • Collaborative module
  • Customisable recruitment process
  • Amendable tree diagram for your departments
50% more applications on average for DigitalRecruiters listings featuring one-click application
50% Recruitment times cut on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
Administration time cut by 2/3 on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters

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