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Standardise your career sites in all locations

Do you recruit talent in other countries? Do you have difficulty staying on message?

Publish and administer career sites for each country from a single back office, in multiple languages if necessary. You can localise your site content (e.g. text, photos, videos, etc.) or keep it the same, as per your preferences. This allows you to fine tune your communication as a recruiter in different regions and support your expansion into new markets.

Adapt your ATS to meet requirements in local law

Is your company expanding into new countries? Is negotiating local laws becoming a pain?

With DigitalRecruiters, you can configure each career site and recruitment process to comply with local laws and regulations (e.g. governing length of time data can be stored, data processing, etc.) from a single platform. Available in multiple languages, the platform also allows you to recruit in the language of the user (messages, tags for ads, etc.). This ensures you can expand internationally with peace of mind, simplifying your recruitment of new staff.

Centralise your recruitment in a single tool

Does your company have a presence in multiple countries worldwide? Do you have difficulty managing recruitment activity in these countries?

Benefit from management that is centralised, straightforward and self-service from a single platform for any number of countries and career sites. Create users, manage their rights and permissions in just a few clicks, create as much recruitment workflow as you wish in more than nine languages!

Managing international recruitment has never been easier.

Get multi-country consolidated reporting

Do you have a presence in multiple countries, but struggle to achieve reliable reporting for each subsidiary, business unit, country, etc.?

Benefit from a comprehensive statistical module and a range of theme-based widgets. Configure your level of analysis (e.g. group, country, BU, region, occupation, dates, open vacancies, contract type, etc.) and view results in graph form, which can be easily pasted into your presentation. Reliable, simple, quick and smart!

Main functionalities

Lighten the workload of managers and recruiters at all your locations:

  • QR Code publication for recruitment on the website
  • Mobile application to digitise paper CVs
  • Bulk import CVs
  • Multicast your ads
  • Electronic follow-up on recruitment processes
  • Automatic reminders for outstanding tasks

Showcase your brand as a unified employer:

  • Career site that can be administered independently in your own design
  • Set up core pages with our easy-to-use builder
  • Aggregate your offers posted across all your career sites
  • Your listings and site enabled for mobile and tablet
  • Give context for your listings (word from the recruiter, videos, team photos, access, etc.)

Build a talent pool that you can reach out to easily:

  • Integrated CV scan to screen each candidate
  • All you need to screen your talent pool (tags, customisable fields, scoring, etc.)
  • Customisable forms and questionnaires
  • Advanced search and dynamic filters
  • Send mass emails and texts automatically
35,000+ recruiters use DigitalRecruiters every day across the world
Used in 23 countries across the world by our clients
Career sites and ATS available in 9 languages and more to come, depending on your needs.

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