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Get key information and save time

In your sector, you need to be absolutely sure of each candidate’s skills and qualifications.

Formulate the questions that are important to you, ask them during the application process and have the answers to hand when selecting your candidate, or send questionnaires later on in the process. Make your decisions based on the position, the demands of the role and your business needs.

That way you can save precious time by only meeting candidates who meet your criteria.

Limit the need for temp appointments and save money

Having difficulty recruiting qualified people? Having to use the expensive option of temp appointments?

Build a qualified talent pool, filtered by skillset, catchment area, availability or any other information that matters to you. Create standard search types by combining multiple filters, quickly find the right candidates, select with just one click and send them a text or email to recommend an opportunity. A great way to limit the cost of temp appointments 🙂

Reduce healthcare staff turnover

Is staff turnover high in your sector?

Build more knowledge of your candidates and identify those whose ambitions and values represent the best match. Generate auto-sends of situational tests, personality tests, additional questionnaires or video interviews. Build up a strong targeted talent pool that you can attract and retain more easily and minimise staff turnover (and the cost).

Main fuctionalities

Recruit for your branch teams more easily

  • QR Code publication for recruitment on the website
  • Mobile application to digitise paper CVs
  • Bulk import CVs
  • Multicast your ads
  • Electronic follow-up on recruitment processes
  • Automatic reminders for outstanding tasks

Showcase your brand as an employer

  • Career site that can be administered independently in your own design
  • Construct core pages with an easy-to-use builder
  • Aggregate your offers posted across all your career sites
  • Your listings and site enabled for mobile and tablet
  • Give context for your listings (word from the recruiter, videos, team photos, access, etc.)

Analytics tools to track your recruitment activity more closely

  • Comprehensive integrated reporting solution
  • Tracking and follow-up on origins of applications
  • All you need to profile your talent pool (tags, customisable fields, scoring, etc.)
  • Advanced search and dynamic filters
Administration time cut by 2/3 on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
50% Recruitment time cut on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
35,000+ recruiters use DigitalRecruiters every day across the world

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