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Help your franchisees recruit, without impacting their business

Recruitment is key to the success of your franchisees but they have difficulty finding the time for this aspect – however important it is – and this is reflected in performance.

Offer them a user-friendly tool that is designed for use by operations managers and can be used to post listings and process applications in next to no time. And to top it off… With DigitalRecruiters, every franchisee can showcase their business, staff team and location to boost the attractiveness of its job vacancies.

Streamline recruitment across your network

Are candidate profiles and content (e.g. job vacancies, concept or business overviews, etc.) not aligned across all of your franchisees/locations? Do you have trouble maintaining consistency in communication to project an accessible and attractive image?

With DigitalRecruiters, you can offer your franchises and/or locations streamlined recruitment processes and content that validate and align with your values, and group all job vacancies on a single, impactful career site.

Make use of speculative applications as per your requirements

Some of your entities receive more applications than others and you would like to be able to make better use of these by distributing and allocating them with a view to speeding up recruitment.

With DigitalRecruiters, you can centralise your intake of applications and use them however you wish, by entity, brand, region, etc. This way, you can recruit the right candidate for the right post more quickly!

Gain franchisee buy-in with a tool designed for them.

Do your franchisees not use your recruitment solution because they don’t feel it meets their requirements? Do you have trouble ensuring that it gets used?

DigitalRecruiters is a user-friendly and easily negotiable recruitment software solution: formed remotely for a solution designed for them, your franchisees can recruit their staff independently and thereby reach their business goals.

Used in 19 countries across the world by our clients
Career sites and ATS available in 9 languages. and more depending on your needs.
Administration time cut by 2/3 on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters

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