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Tell people who you are and clear the first hurdle: being chosen by candidates

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Outperform your competitors, even in recruitment

Do you recruit candidates who are also highly sought after by competitors in banking and insurance?

Publish an attractive careers site and content-rich listings with specific, targeted content. Use testimonials from your managers in writing, videos or photos, promote your teams, expertise and attributes and let highly sought-after candidates get a feel for your company, to give it an edge over the rest.

Involve managers and shorten time frames

Do your HR teams recruit centrally for your network but have trouble interacting with managers in each branch, leading to drawn-out recruitment processes?

Offer your managers an easy-to-use recruitment solution, available on desktop and mobile for improved accessibility. Take advantage of collaborative features to speed up communication between branch managers and regional or head office HR teams and shorten your recruitment times.

Offer a compelling candidate experience

Is your candidate background too long, cumbersome, and/or not suited to the position sought? Do you have trouble selling your strong points to candidates and standing out?

Publish an attractive and impactful careers site that showcases your company’s strengths, values, support systems and teams. Still want more? Offer a unique and unforgettable candidate experience: configure the candidate profile and number of phases (or enable one-click application) depending on the demands of the vacant position. All this in just a few clicks 🙂

Interface your HR tools and improve performance

Do you want to add to your data like to analyse your business in detail? Do you want to use SSO to ensure secure software access?

Enjoy the benefits of our APIs to export your data and our SSO Access or Extensions to manage user connections. The statistical module, native to DigitalRecruiters also offers a wide variety of widgets to allow you to generate detailed reporting for each of your branches, entities, subsidiaries, regions, etc. for which you have unlimited use. They are also (very) easy on the eye!

Main functionalities

Recruit for your branch teams more easily

  • QR Code publication for recruitment on the website
  • Mobile application to digitise paper CVs
  • Bulk import CVs
  • Multicast your ads
  • Electronic follow-up on recruitment processes
  • Automatic reminders for outstanding tasks

Improve your brand as an attractive place to work

  • Career site that can be administered independently in your own design
  • Construct core pages with an easy-to-use builder
  • Aggregate your offers posted across all your career sites
  • Your listings and site enabled for mobile and tablet
  • Give context for your listings (word from the recruiter, videos, team photos, access, etc.)

Reporting and analytics tools to track your recruitment activity more closely

  • Comprehensive integrated reporting solution
  • Tracking and follow-up on origins of applications
  • All you need to profile your talent pool (tags, customisable fields, scoring, etc.)
  • Advanced search and dynamic filters
Administration time cut by 2/3 on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
50% Recruitment time cut on average according to users of DigitalRecruiters
+35.000 recruiters Use DigitalRecruiters every day across the world

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