DigitalRecruiters and the GDPR

Privacy by design, the only choice for GDPR compliance

GDPR-ready platform

Data hosting services in France, Europe-based data processors, comprehensive consent management module, automatic data anonymisation, cookie management platform… DigitalRecruiters is GDPR Ready!

Consents that are up-to-date, even in your talent pool

Choose the length of time for storing candidate personal data, then let the consent management system do its work. At the end of the configured time, your candidates will receive a notification and can renew their consents with one click. Or, if you prefer, all data are automatically anonymised. It’s up to you. Simple, quick, efficient and compliant. That’s right.

Meticulous cookie management

Cookies management using a dedicated platform, collection of internet user consent, anonymisation of visitor IP addresses, permanent tracking of French Data Protection Authority recommendations, cookies management has never been easier.

Data hosting in France

Your data are hosted in France with OVH, Europe’s leading cloud services provider. And for enhanced security, we have opted only to work with data processors based exclusively in Europe. No personal data are transferred outside the European Union.

Our answers to the main GDPR questions

Data protection

Need more information?

Are you looking for more detailed information, or maybe you have some questions about DigitalRecruiters’ personal data protection policy? You can contact our dedicated DPO directly.

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