Our vision

In a world in search of direction, we want to help multi-site companies and their candidates make better choices, to work better together and for longer.

Our mission

As successful recruitment is your primary business challenge, our mission is to shorten the recruitment cycle by offering your business, entities and candidates alike, a new human experience based on efficient collaboration.

Our solution

We are continuously developing and improving software applications that revolve around a single dedicated recruitment platform specially designed for multi-site, multi-brand international businesses.

We offer four main products:

An all-in-one career site to attract and evaluate candidates while showcasing your brand as an employer.

An ATS featuring a CRM, operated by dedicated HR teams, to manage all of your organisation’s recruitment activity, for any number of users, brands, career sites or countries.

A mobile application to digitise paper CVs and evaluate candidates on-site (e.g. at careers fairs, shops, etc.), directly connected to Manage.

A module to facilitate paperless recruitment authorisation requests, to avoid unapproved appointments and to save time.

The platform will benefit from new modules that will continually improve the help companies receive in responding to developments in their business.

Our values

At DigitalRecruiters, we consider values to be the backbone of a business. Some will say this is usually just a façade that borrows overused slogans. But we believe words have a meaning and that the values they refer to are the bedrock, the compass, the marker that lasts the test of time, the star in the sky that is always visible and helps us keep our bearings.

That’s why our brand values, which guide all our decisions when developing our platform, are simplicity, willingness to listen, high standards, determination, innovation, trust, expertise and flexibility.

Our story

Our team

Have you taken a look at our story? You have understood it, DigitalRecruiters is first of all an adventure of human beings, who come together on an idea and values. The company was born from the desire to do something for our country and for the citizens of the world in general. We chose the job because it concentrates many of the values that we defend personally: learning, team spirit, mutual aid, benevolence, commitment, a sense of action, surpassing oneself, ambition, pleasure, passion, happiness, high standards, honesty, trust, agility, autonomy…
When we recruit, it is these values that we put to the test to ensure that they are shared and to guarantee the success of our joint venture.

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